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Thursday, February 4, 2010


So I would like to talk about Procrastination (Wow, I can spell...). The big "P" is a big problem for me. On Sunday night I set a goal for myself this week. I was going to come straight home from work and paint Howling Griffon Space Marines all week till my army list was fully painted. Monday I was faithful to this. I went home, sat in my living room, flicked on some Anime, and painted Space Marine Tanks. While I didn't get any of them done, I did make some significant progress.

Then comes Tuesday night. During the day Redbox sends me an e-mail, letting me know Zombieland is out on DVD and ready to Rent. I did not get to see Zombieland in the Theatres and I really wanted to, so I go ahead and rent it. Well long story short I get caught up in watching Zombieland, get no painting done during the movie, and then afterwards feel to tired to do anything else and go to bed.

Then comes Wednesday. I find out that the tournament I planned to attend on Saturday (and my motivation to do all this painting) is probably not going to happen because of the impending snowapaloza (or so it is being called now, and which should really be called snowapaloza 2 for this season) which is supposed to last all day Friday and Saturday. Okay so the tournament is a no go, but I still need to get these figures done as I have 2 more tournaments this month, one on the 20th in Baltimore and one the weekend of the 27th & 28th up in PA. However my friend Dan, teh Mongoose, has been talking about Malifaux, the hot in game right now in this area that uses a deck of cards instead of dice to obtain results. So another friend of ours was at Dan's last night demoing the game for him and his fiance. So me being the procrastinator that I am decided to go check it out and ended up staying till 10. Eh, oh well another night of no painting. I did have fun though so I guess it is a wash.

But now I am thinking more about Malifaux then 40K. My juices are twisting and floating for another game (which I won't be able to get models for till next week) and it is all I can do to get my head back on to the 40K grind stone.

Well to make a long story short, this is a common occurance for me. The grass is always greener somewhere else I suppose, and that some place else seems to always be where I want to be. It is the short momments of focus where I really get a lot accomplished for anyone thing, but those momments are few and far between it seems. I wish I could find a way to focus better...

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