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Friday, February 12, 2010

Back to work...

That is right, after a what 6 day... no 6.5 day weekend I'm back to work. Snowaplosa or whatever the news was calling it is over. Of course I guess saying I had a 6.5 day weekend isn't quite right either, as I was actually worked 2 half days Monday and Tuesday and did some work from home on Wednesday and Thursday, so I guess it has not really been a weekend per say, though it did feel like it.

I got to stayed up late which I haven't been able to do lately do to my Diabetes and the likeliness that I wouldn't get up on time the next day, I played lots of Halo, and even got some painting done. With another weekend looming suddenly I don't feel free anymore. The rest of this month is pretty much planned out for me. Tonight I have Roleplaying at Brian's. Tomorrow, my Saturday has me helping a friend run a Warmachine tournament up in MD. Sunday, Valentines Day, has me doing the bachelors thing again and spending the day gaming or painting probably.

Then next week I will be putting the finishing on my Howling Griffons army as I have a tournament in MD that Saturday, the 20th, and then Bill and I will be Pod Casting and paint Sunday the 21st. Then another week of list tweaking, painting, and hopefully some Malifaux or FSA and then I'm off to PA for the St. Valentines Day Massacre 40K tournament and GW GT Qualifer.

Then we get into March, which is already pretty full but is something I will talk about in the future.

Until next time.

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