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Sunday, February 2, 2014


God?  Why do you hate me God?  Every time things are going good and looking up you have to sucker punch me in the mouth...  Really?  WTF?

So tonight, its late, just got done having a great conversation with Corey (Looks like he and I will be moving in together in June when my lease expires, either up here or down near VA Beach, good guy).  I drive home.  Right before I turn into my neighborhood cop turns on his lights and pulls me over in the entrance to my complex. Informs me I was going 10 over (I think I was only going 5 over but I needed to pee so was possible). One headlight (I knew about it) and one tail light are out (did not know about it).  Also turns out my drivers licence is one month expired. Shit.

$100 fine for 10 over, cool.  But after making me wait 45 minutes in the cold, needing to pee, so he can explain things to his trainee and let a guy that was drunk driving off with a warning, cop informs me he is taking my licence, then threatens to arrest me, impound my car, and gives me a non-avoidable summons to court.  Great.  When I ask if I can move my car to a parking space that is not the 10 minute visitors spots so I don't get towed, I am informed that if I drive my car in any way, even the 5 feet to a new spot I will be arrested and taken to Jail and do I want to have my car towed (second threat).

Jeez man.  All that for 2 lights out and a one month expired licence with over 10 year of safe driving on my record?  WTF?

One third of me wants to hop in my car and tempt fate and see how fast I can get my car going on Route 7.  One third of me wants to go cry in a corner, mope, and not come out for the next several days.  And the final third of me wants to walk out in the cold without a coat and see how long I last before I pass out and freeze to death (may not be possible at current temperatures, only about 8 hours of sleep in the last 4 days or so).  I'm leaning towards option 2, though three is very appealing right this second...

This is why I do not and will not own a hand gun.

Wow,,, and it was all going so well.  My mood and motivation are going to be ruined for more then a month over this... probably 2.