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Thursday, January 9, 2014

2014, Day 9, Personal Goals for 2014

Here are my Personal Goals for 2014:

1. Weigh less than 400 pounds at the end of 2014 (Lost 40ish Pounds in 2013, still 35ish to go to get under 400)

2. Move out of the DC area and be accepted into a Healthcare Information Technology Associate Program where ever I end up moving (Looks like I will end up in Pittsburgh, PA; I can not afford to live in the DC area anymore)

3. Exercise at least 3 times a week; including being able to do 3 sets of 100 sit ups, 3 sets of 20 push ups, and be able to sit against the wall for 10 minutes straight by the end of 2014

4. Purchase a Bicycle and Ride at least 25 miles per week

5. Get and Stay on Anti-Depressants and get control of my High and Low mood swings

6. Read 50 Books/eBooks (at least 25 new ones) during 2014

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