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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Self Limits

What does it mean to know ones own self limits? Does it limit you in what you can be or what you can do? Knowing that from time to time you need to take a personal day in order to keep your sanity, or to hide a slip in your external shields. Does it protect you from yourself or allow you do hide? I'm not sure, but when I know more I will let you know.


  1. I think there is a difference between Knowing my own limits and Self limiting. I see self limiting in relation to those things I could do too much and that could become destructive for me. For example, I try and self-limit how much TV I watch. When I find myself watching too much TV (which is pretty easy) I start to feel myself getting dumber, so I make a consistence effort to limit the myself before I watch too much TV.

    Knowing my own limits is different. A good example would be travel. I know that I have limits on how much travel I can do before reaching a really unhealthy place. This is important as I travel for work. I know that I need to reduce my travel after a certain point or I will become physically and mentally unhealthy.

    What are you trying to limit?

  2. knowing your limits is the first step in growing. With out knowing those limits, you can never try to go beyond them.